Acoustic Door

Flexiwall acoustic door system is designed to reduce the escape of noise and vibrations from one room to another. With a multitude of potential uses in a wide variety of industries and sectors, these doors are available in different decibel ratings to cater for the needs and requirements of individual circumstances. Other than that, we also have different colour, design and etc option for you. Acoustic doors act as a barrier that restrict the reflection of sound. The materials with the optimum sound-proofing insulating qualities that reflect and absorb sound include steel, timber, aluminium and PVC. There are building regulations surrounding the standard for soundproofing in domestic and commercial buildings, in terms of sound insulating walls and floors to reduce noise from adjoining buildings and internal sound transmission in the home. Generally, if you want to control the background noise, absorbing the low frequencies is not needed. If you want to use the room for recording or as a home theater – control of low, mid, and high frequencies is a must.

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